Most useful accessories for a jointer or a planer

Working with a jointer or a planer can be a lot more efficient and precise when using the right accessories. Here are some of the most useful accessories you can consider:

1. Push Blocks / Push Sticks: Safety should always be the primary concern while working with powerful tools like jointers or planers. Push blocks or push sticks are essential accessories that help keep fingers away from the blades while feeding the wood through the machine. They provide a secure grip on the wood, allowing for better control and precision.

2. Dust Collection System: These machines produce a significant amount of wood dust and chips. A dust collection system is a vital accessory designed to efficiently remove these byproducts, keeping the workspace clean and safe. Moreover, it helps to protect the operator's health by reducing the amount of dust inhaled.

3. Outfeed Tables: An outfeed table provides support for the wood as it exits the machine. This accessory is particularly beneficial when working with long pieces of lumber, ensuring the wood doesn't tip or fall once it leaves the planer or jointer. Outfeed tables can also help improve the quality of the finish by preventing unwanted movements during the cut.

4. Spiral Cutterhead : Upgrading to a spiral cutterhead can enhance the cutting performance and reduce tear-out. Spiral cutterheads consist of small individual carbide or HSS inserts that rotate, resulting in smoother cuts and a longer lifespan compared to traditional straight blades.


5. Knife Setting Jig: This tool is essential for setting the knives in your jointer or planer at the correct height and angle. Proper knife alignment can significantly affect the quality of the finish and the efficiency of the cut. A knife setting jig ensures this alignment is consistent and accurate.

6. Planer and Jointer Blades : Having an extra set of blades can keep your work going even if the current set becomes dull or damaged. Additionally, specialized blades are available for different types of woods and finishes, allowing you to customize your tool for specific tasks.

7. Mobile Base: A mobile base is a handy accessory if you need to move your jointer or planer around the shop frequently. It provides mobility to these typically heavy tools, making it easier to optimize your workspace based on the project at hand.

8. Magnetic Featherboard: A featherboard holds the wood against the machine's table or fence, providing control and safety. The magnetic version is easy to adjust and stays firmly in place, enhancing the accuracy of your cuts.

9. Infeed and Outfeed Roller Stands: Roller stands support long pieces of wood as they are fed into and out of the machine. They help to prevent snipe (the deeper cut at the ends of boards), making your work more accurate and efficient.

10. Jointer Planer Combo: If you have limited space in your workshop, consider a jointer planer combo machine. This accessory allows you to switch between the jointer and planer quickly, saving space and offering convenience.

By carefully selecting and investing in these accessories, you can enhance the functionality of your jointer or planer, improve the quality of your work, ensure your safety, and make your woodworking projects more enjoyable.